Sync Clearance

  • Sync Licensing for Film, T.V, Games, Advertising and Branding
  • Copyright Law, Contract Consultation, GOOGLE and YouTube Whitelist & “Take Downs”
  • Songwriter to Artist Placements
  • Rights Management & Administration
  • Custom Composing
  • Clearances
  • Project Editing (for syncs)
  • Clearance Consultations & Budget Assessments
  • Music Supervision
  • Royalty Revenue Retrieval
  • Studio Consultation


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TV, Film, Live Theater, Internet & Corporate Events

Listen. Connect. Solve.

This is our core service model, both with clients and with our Artist Community. When working with studios, networks and music supervisors, we listen to the needs of your project, connect you with the right song or artist and solve the difficulty of finding the perfect sound to match your visuals.

Song Clearance, Clearance Consultation and Budget Assesment

If your client and creative teams already have their hearts set on a specific song, we can clear it for you on all sides. And if people change their minds, as they often do, we can quickly source an alternative from one of our other music offerings.

Whether you are a student filmmaker, guerilla-style indie or a seasoned major studio-network professional, live theatre producer/playwright or a corporation hosting a corporate event we can consult you on all aspects of the clearance process and help you determine what your budget needs may be while being conscientious & considerate of your creative desires and needs.

Ad Agency Campaign Support

Our unique relationship with our Artist Community allows us to connect ad agencies with composers & artists for campaigns that include a musical component beyond the traditional sync placement.
Is your brand looking to start a branded label and looking for emerging artists? Do you need talent for an upcoming branded tour or campaign event? Contact us, and we will connect you with the right artists.

Music Supervision

We love collaborating with TV, film and game studios to help them find the best songs.

Our music supervisors understand the importance of finding the perfect song to compliment your edit and represent your client’s brand. They will work with you to nail down a clear music brief and deliver the songs and artists that perfectly match that brief from our incredibly diverse catalogue or our international network of Major and Indie Labels and Music Publishers.

Copyright & PRO Registrations 

(You do not need to be an Artist, Composer, Songwriter or band signed to us for this one.)

We will gladly fill out and file copyright registration and or PRO registration on your behalf. We help Brands, Corporations and Businesses who require registration for a work for hire agreements. We also help Bands, Songwriters and Composers who are too busy creating and making music. Perhaps you need one-on-one guidance and consultation because you would like to do it by yourself, don’t worry, we have you covered.


If you would like to use our services, please contact us by phone or leave us a message.

+44 7741 739464 (UK)
+1 310 487 0968 (USA)

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